In partnership with Show Box LA, Primera Generación Dance Collective (PGDC) shares our annual (de) Color-Es 2024 event in Los Angeles on May 25, 2024. (de) Color-Es is an event that consists of free artist workshops throughout the month of May and an evening of performances focused on visibilizing artists of color. This event is made possible by funding from the California Arts Council Cycle Grant A and collaborative work by Alfonso Cervera, Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, Patricia “Patty” Huerta, and Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier.

(de) Color-Es is an event that brings artists of color together to highlight the multifaceted and multimedia depictions of BIPOC art and artmaking. We highlight, question, and consider what it means to be an artist of color and how that shows up in the world, how we contend with it, and how we craft in, beyond, through, and with it. In doing so, (de) Color-Es works to build networks of connectivity between different forms of artmakers, art genres, artistry, and art localities, centering this coalition as an evening of radical performance.

Primera Generación Dance Collective - courtesy of the artists

Primera Generación Dance Collective – courtesy of the artists

This year’s artists include: Tsiambwom Akuchu, Rayven Armijo, SAMMAY, Marco Palomino, and Vera Passos. There will be two performance times: 5PM & 8:30PM. Both iterations will contain all artists. (de) Color-Es 2023 tickets are $20 for general admission and $15 for students. 50% of this year’s proceeds will go to benefitting families in Gaza.

Tickets available at this link

In addition to this year’s evening of performances, PGDC has organized FREE workshops led by our invited artists that are open to the public! Click HERE to check out class descriptions, offerings, schedule, and to RSVP your spot!

Primera Generación Dance Collective is founded and artistically co-directed by Alfonso Cervera, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, and Patricia “Patty” Huerta. As four, first-generation Latine artists, the members of PGDC work to build art and arts opportunities that speak to multiple audiences while centering art as a form of social justice and resistance.

For more information about Primera Generación Dance Collective’s (de) Color-Es event and free workshops follow their journey at @primerageneraciondance on Instagram or visit

Written by LA Dance Chronicle with information from Primera Generación Dance Collective

Featured Image: Primera Generación Dance Collective courtesy of the artists