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Empara Presents Well Done at Melody Wine Bar for Immersive Experience

Megan Paradowski, choreographer and creator of movement company Empara, hosted a two hour immersive experience at Melody Wine Bar this past Monday night for an unprecedented evening of dining and dancing. The menu, by chef Sera Domenica, was set in three courses directly corresponding to the atmosphere and theme by dancers Daphne Fernberger, Marco Palomino, Shauna Davis, and Travis Lim. And …

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Heidi Duckler Dance’s distasteful depictions of the L.A. community in ‘Herald In, Examine Throughout’

A homeless encampment, quinceañera court, and runaway car. Each makes up the DNA of Heidi Duckler Dance’s “Herald In, Examine Throughout” on May 18. The company is known for bringing dance to unconventional spaces. This time, the dancers took over Broadway Street, between W 11th and 12th Streets, using the Herald Examiner Building — a historical landmark erected in …

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GUM is calling from the void

In Genna Moroni’s world, the voices calling from the void are contradictory, omniscient, hilarious and dreadful. You know, the voices we all have: the pressures, the inner critics that hold us hostage. Moroni’s voices are represented by extraordinarily talented dancers and a witty narrator — who, despite facing existential dread, are carrying on in all their complex beauty.

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CRAWLSPACE Presents Spare Change : A Review

On Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, I had the honor of attending Spare Change, an evening of experimental performance art curated by Max Martin, highlighting works in progress from various Los Angeles based artists. This spectacle of a show took place in the multi-purpose arts event space, studio, venue, and home of curator Max Martin named CRAWLSPACE

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