Louise Reichlin has managed to keep her modern dance company, Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers alive and working since 1979; not an easy feat in an underfunded art form and the often lack of press coverage in LA. On Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 1:30 pm, Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers will present Louise Reichlin & Dancers at the Culver City Senior Center featuring choreography by Louise Reichlin, Jill Elaine Collins, and Mcknnly Moren. This will be the company’s fourth admission free appearance at the Culver City Senior Center.

Reichlin wrote that “Culver City has been important in our creativity, and projects in the past have ranged from our first children’s and family show production at the Ivy Substation where we also worked with students from Culver City (The Patchwork Girl of Oz),  to the premier of another family production at the Jazz Bakery (The Better To Bite You With).”

Louise Reichlin & Dancers - "Reboot! Reboot!" - Photo by Joe Glez.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers – “Reboot! Reboot!” – Photo by Joe Glez.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers’ program will include a Culver City premiere titled Metro Transformation; a preview of Reichlin’s new work HEART; Gotta Get Up! (2022);  The Reimagined Urban and Tribal Dances; and Reboot! Reboot! (2021).

Louise Reichlin & Dancers - "Reboot! Reboot!" Square Dance - Photo by George Simian.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers – “Reboot! Reboot!” Square Dance – Photo by George Simian.

After sharing a varied list of music that she was interesting in choreographing to, Reichlin collaborated with Jill Elaine Collins and McKnnly Moren on the creation of Metro Transformation. Together they came up with a storyline utilizing dance forms ranging from the Lindy, Tango, Charleston, East Indian Bangra Folk Dance, and New York Salsa.

Inspiration for Reichlin’s new work HEART came from having recently had a medical test known as Transthoracic Echo (TTE) Complete.

When I realized I could turn my head and see the insides of my heart beating (along with her [the technician] drawings and vectors) it was an amazing experience. She explained that the red was new blood, the blue blood used and returning out another pathway, and about the golden/yellowsomething when it doesn’t leave the chamber right away called backflow. I see the world as something like the heart- a hive-like universe with everything connected, and this work with both dance and media.” – Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers press release.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers - "War" - Photo by George Simian.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers – “War” – Photo by George Simian.


WHAT: Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers presents Louise Reichlin & Dancers.
Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 1:30 pm
Culver City Senior Center, 4095 Overland Ave, Culver City 90232
Creative Director/ Choreographer: Louise Reichlin
Additional Choreographers:
Jill Elaine Collins, Mcknnly Moren
Alana Astor, Jill Elaine Collins, Julie Hackett, Alice Lousen, Eve Metsäranta, Emily McGuire, Mcknnly Moren, Yaya Ruiz, and Kohl Lewis.
Feliz Mc Innis, and Audri Phillips.

For more event Information, please call 310-253-6700.

For more information about LA Choreographers and Dancers, please visit their website.

Written and compiled by Jeff Slayton for LA Dance Chronicle from Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers press information.

Featured image: Remembrance – Louise Reichlin: Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers – Screenshot courtesy of the company.