Tropicaleiza Dance and Drum Company, founded in 2006 by dance artist Julie Simon invites you to attend their full-length premiere of SHE | HER | US on May 6 & 7,2022, at The Box located at 3635 Market Street in  Riverside, California. Tropicaleiza describes itself as “a multidimensional dynamic magnanimous group of powerful diverse women fully expressing themselves through the joyful acts of dancing and drumming.” Tickets are on sale now.

A native of southern California, Julie Simon has performed internationally in numerous dance styles including Brazilian, Caribbean, Latin Dances, and Afro-Contemporary Dance Styles. She began teaching in 2003 through the urging of her mentor, Brazilian Artist Eneida Castro. She is the founder and director of Tropicaleiza Dance and Drum Company and the owner of Infuse Dance Studio, which she created solely for adults and through her hard work, managed to keep open, alive and thriving throughout the pandemic.

Julie Simon - Photo courtesy of the Artist

Julie Simon – Photo courtesy of the Artist

Tropicaleiza Dance and Drum Company has been presented on many dance festivals and college events. Most recently the company was featured at TedWomen Bold and Brilliant in Palm Springs and has been commissioned by the Brand Associates Dance Series curated by Jamie Nichols for a site specific work at the Brand Library in Glendale later in May. On a personal note, Simon recently returned from an international teaching tour in Europe.

“We exist to impart strength vigor and joy into women’s lives empowering them through compelling storytelling, movement workshops, and audience interaction. Our repertoire honors the complex and vital art of the feminine incorporating grounded uninhibited African influenced expression, fluid voluminous contemporary movement and the playfulness and joy of Brazilian dance and music. It is our goal to create a vibrant energetic connection between dancers / musicians and audience members. We believe we should live and breathe to our fullest expression always in all ways.” – Press release

Join Tropicaleiza for this interactive evening of captivating story-telling, music and high powered dancing that promises a night of mouthwatering sights, smells and sounds. Tropicaleiza promises to transport you to magical and mystical places while activating each and every one of your senses.

“We will immerse you in stories from within, stories that we all have, stories of legacy, hope, ancestry, triumph; stories that breathe life. YOU will revel in your majesty. We’ve crafted a divine experience – Now all we need is you!” – Press release



WHEN: May 6 & 7, 2022 at 7 PM (PT)

WHERE: The Box – 3536 Market Street, Riverside, CA. 92501

TICKETS: $30 – To purchase tickets, please click HERE.


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Written by Jeff Slayton for LA Dance Chronicle.

Featured image: Tropicaleiza Dance and Drum Company – Photo courtesy of the artist

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