Once again, the Los Angeles Dance Festival (LADF) will host the Seoul International Dance Festival in TANK (SIDFIT) for a week of workshops and performances in Los Angeles at the Brockus Project Studios in Los Angeles. From June 18-23, 2024, the festival will offer studio classes, workshops, and showcase performances during which time “Korean, Canadian and Los Angeles dance artists will be learning from each other, exploring movement, creating new work together and performing showcases featuring work touring from S. Korea and Los Angeles Choreographers. Dancers are welcome to register for workshops and Audiences to attend the shows.” – LADF press release

LADF Korea 2023 - Photo by Denise Leitner.

LADF Korea 2023 – Photo by Denise Leitner.

Schedule of When and Where:

June 18th – BP Studios
Opens with 4:00-6:00 meet & greet

June 19-21- BP Studios
Studio class and workshops

June 21st and 22nd  7:30pm
Showcase performances are at BPStudios Black Box Theater
618 b Moulton Ave LA, CA 90031

Workshops & Classes sessions will be at BPStudios: 618 b Moulton Ave LA, CA 90031

LADF Korea 2023 - Photo by Denise Leitner.

LADF Korea 2023 – Photo by Denise Leitner.

Brockus Project Dance Company under the direction of Deborah Brockus, is the host and producer for the Los Angeles Dance Festival, now in our 11th year. The cultural exchange between LADF and SIDFIT began in 2019 with Koreans in LADF and Americans in SIDFIT and has continued each year since that in-person in 2019 and online 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

LA artists participating  are: BrockusRED, Andrea Burr, Gretchen Ackerman.

SIDIFT is under the direction of Moonea Choi, artistic director.

The LADF Dance Creation Workshop is organized by ING Collaboration Group.  With an additional Canadian Choreography team. They are bringing three different kinds of Korean Creative Dance and Contemporary dance.

Tickets :
Workshop registration: Single class $15 (check out IG@brockusprojectstudios for details on classes)
Pay venmo@brockusprojectstudios. Please note what it is for and your email so we can contact you.

For:  Ages 16+  with contemporary dance experience.

Show ticket reservation – seating is limited

For more information, please visit the Los Angeles Dance Festival website.

To learn more about Brockus Project Studios, please visit their website.

Compiled by Jeff Slayton for LA Dance Chronicle from LA Dance Festival press release.

Featured image: LADF Korea 2023 – (L-R) Marco Palamino and Gretchen Ackerman – Photo by Denise Leitner.