Genevieve Carson, Director and Choreographer of Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) has just released her third dance film since the Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to shelter-in-place, studios to close, venues to cancel or postpone performances indefinitely, and for artists around the world to begin to think outside the box and/or begin to create and present their work with the aid of technology.

Genevieve Carson - Photo: Malachi Middleton

Genevieve Carson – Photo: Malachi Middleton

Carson’s very moving The Key of C was filmed earlier this year in April, only a month after the city and state shutdown order from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom occurred. At that time none of us knew how serious this pandemic truly was or how long it would last.

In The Key of C the dancers perform in their homes, and outside on their doorsteps, driveways and patios with an energy that is inspiring.

Through the collaboration of Carson and Eric Mason and the performances of the LACDC dancers, The Key of C clearly captures the rollercoaster of emotions and the physical constraints this experience has cast upon us all. Carson and Mason, however, conclude with a message of optimism, a near normalcy, and a hope that reflects the resiliency and power of the human spirit.

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Christian Beasley in "The Key of C" by Genevieve Carson - Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company - screen capture by LADC

“The dancers filmed themselves in various tasks in and around their own home spaces on their personal devices.  When I received the footage back from the dancers I was overwhelmed, as always, by the beauty of their creative spirits,” Carson wrote in the press release put out by LACDC on October 5, 2020.

“I wanted to honor their footage as best I could through a cohesive dance film.  I began collaborating with Eric Mason, an incredible composer, editor, and colorist through many lengthy Zoom work sessions, and the end result is The Key of C.” Carson continued.

The other two powerful dance films that Carson has produced for LACDC are Blinding Lights and Blink. In addition to her talents as a choreographer and director, Carson has become a very accomplished filmmaker.

Film credits include: Director/Choreographer: Genevieve Carson with improvisation from the dancers; Composer, Editor, & Colorist: Eric Mason; Dancers & Cinematographers: Christian Beasley, Hyosun Choi, Kate Coleman, Jamila Glass, Nicole Hagen, Tess Hewlett, J.M. Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz, Drea Sobke, Tiffany Sweat, and Angel Tyson.

To watch The Key of C, click HERE.

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Written by Jeff Slayton for LA Dance Chronicle.

Featured image: Tess Hewlett From “The Key of C” by Genevieve Carson – Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company – Still by LADC