The Dance Managers Collective is now accepting showcase reservations for Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) and has an interest in presenting a special block of Los Angeles or California-based companies and choreographers at the City Center Studios 4 & 5 Friday–Monday, January 10–13, 2020. The Ailey Citigroup Theater showcases will run Friday–Sunday, January 10–12, 2020.

Please review the information below and if you or your company is interested, please contact Jennifer Morris (contact information is provided below) for more information.  This appears to be a wonderful opportunity for Los Angeles-based companies.

Dance Managers Collective

The Dance Managers Collective is made up of eleven dance managers who collectively manage showcasing at City Center and the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater during the annual convening of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP). Starting July 1st, we will be accepting space reservations from dance companies interested in showcasing during the APAP (January 10-14, 2020). Showcasing will be held in City Center Studios 4 & 5 Friday–Monday, January 10–13, 2020. Ailey Citigroup Theater showcases will run Friday–Sunday, January 10–12, 2020.

The City Center and Ailey Theater locations and facilities offer the best location and conditions for showcasing dance in NYC during APAP. We hope you will join us!

Ailey Theatre - Courtesy of Dance Managers Collective

Ailey Theatre – Courtesy of Dance Managers Collective

Experience has shown that grouped or bundled showcases attract larger presenter audiences. Some examples of grouped showcases include multiple companies from one agency, a selection of companies from a specific city or region or country, or those centered around a specific theme. Individual companies can benefit by partnering with other individual companies to share a one-hour (or longer) time slots. And if you can repeat your showcase at another time, even better.

JLDC - The Alliance - Photo: Rhea Anna

Ailey Theatre – Courtesy of Dance Managers Collective

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this opportunity to spotlight your dance companies and can be reached at



We are now accepting space reservation requests. Your request will be reviewed, and if space is available, your showcase will be confirmed by July 31. If your requested time is not available, we will contact you to review options.


Rates are $1700/hour or $850/half hour for Ailey Theater (a fully equipped theater with LED lighting, Marley floor, and projection capacity) and City Center Studio 4 which is a dressed studio space with lighting, a professional sound system, projector, and raked seating on risers.


Now that renovations are complete in City Center Studio 5, we will once again offer showcase time in this location. It is a non-dressed studio, lights up/down, chairs in two heights (regular & café height) that you can set as you like, with a professional sound system. The fee is $850 per hour ($425 for 30-minute slots).


The showcase fee at City Center’s Studio 4 and the Ailey Theater includes one, 30-minute tech time per company, scheduled earlier in the week. If you are unable to tech earlier in the week due to travel schedules, we advise that you purchase an additional 30 minutes to tech before your showcase. Showcases at City Center Studio 5 are considered informal and lo-tech, therefore no tech time is provided. (If you want to rent additional time to be in the space for rehearsing/run-thru/blocking, you can certainly rent more time).


Marketing support will include: posters in lobbies of both City Center and Ailey, the DMC mobile-ready website (see link for 2019:, and a printed marketing piece with the complete schedule that will be distributed in the Pentacle November group mailing and during the conference (APAP members are reminded to also purchase their listing in the APAP showcase guide directly).

For Ailey Theater reservations, please contact Jennifer Morris at For City Center reservations, please contact Laura Colby at and Anna Amadei at

On behalf of the Dance Managers Collective, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Jennifer Morris

Siegel Artist Management

570-258-5700 x101


Featured image: JLD – Bridge Tunnel – Photo: Rhea Anna