An incredible technician within Flamenco and daring and profound choreographer Olga Pericet will perform La Espina at the Ford Theatres this Saturday, September 21st. The larger title for the piece is, “La espina que quiso ser flor o la flor que soñó con ser bailaora [The Thorn that Wanted to be a Flower, or the Flower That Dreamed of Being a Dancer]”. The piece explores a personal journey for Pericent, however, the expression of inner turmoil and beauty that comes with growth is one we can all relate to. Not only will the abilities of the performers astound you, but the emotions expressed through this performance will leave you changed. Pericet is well known for her intricate choreographies that combine the layers of darkness and light that make us so profoundly human.

It is a unique privilege to see a show such as this one in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles area is blessed to have an array of tablaos on stages all over the city, however, the opportunity to see an evening of Flamenco such as this one is a unique. With tradition close to her heart, Pericet is shifting how Flamenco can be presented and interpreted in our modern age.  Whether or not you are familiar with Flamenco, this show will speak to many of our stories of growth in identity. Pericet carries on the tradition in Flamenco choreography of strong theatrical presence and emotional expression. It is incredibly hard not to feel something when watching such a powerful and sophisticated performer such as Pericet.

Born in 1975, Pericet began her career studying Spanish classical dance with prophetic teachers including Matilde Coral, Manolo Marin, Cristobal Reyes, La Tona, and many others. She began her career dancing in Tablaos in Madrid, until she got her big break as the lead dancer of Rafael Amergo’s company. In 2004 she won her first prize for choreography at the Certamen de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid. She has since choreographed with artists such as Manuel Liñan, Marco Flores, and Belén Maya. Olga Pericet is a part of a movement of artists and dancers within Flamenco that are expanding the boundaries of choreography within the form. Although described as experimental, is important to note that Pericet’s outstanding knowledge of Flamenco is present in every movement and choreographic choice. For La Espina, Pericet was awarded the Specialist Critic Award and the Chair of Flamencology at the Jerez Festival after the work premiered in New York in 2015.

Join Pericet this Saturday to embark on a journey that will bring us all a little bit closer to self.

La Espina, is a part of IGNITE @ the FORD!, a series comprised of world-renowned contemporary artists whose work is thought-provoking and reflects the world in which we live.

Written by Corrina Roche for LA Dance Chronicle, September 14, 2019.

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Featured image: Olga Pericet in La Espina – Photo courtesy of the artist.