LA Dance Chronicle was launched in the fall of 2017 with a staff of three: Jeff Slayton, Martin Holman and Ann Haskins.  Joanne DiVito followed very soon thereafter and helped to recruit Matthew Shaffer, Tam Warner, Mary Pat Cooney, and Kim Gadlin. Friend and colleague Sasha Anawalt led us to bringing Lara J. Altunian on board, and finally the staff added Celine Kiner, Corrina Roche and Nancy Dobbs Owen. This group is comprised of seasoned dancers from all corners of the performing arts world.

The widespread demand for more dance coverage in the Los Angeles area pushed LADC from a trio to an eleven-member team. In 2019 alone, LADC published 85 dance related articles that included performance previews and interviews with dance artists, 155 performance reviews, and 52 of Ann Haskins’ The Week In Dance listings.

For the first two years the LADC staff volunteered their service. This means that they paid for their own transportation to and from each performance, parking fees, and they were not paid for the hours of work it takes to write a review, preview or article. We wanted to alter that fact in 2020, but the COCVID-19 outbreak changed everyone’s lives by forcing them to shelter-in-place.

May 5th is Giving Tuesday and your opportunity to help keep LADC operating, reimburse writers for their expenses, a writer’s fee, and ensure that the LADC website remains a robust resource for the LA Dance Community. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by Jun 1st.

Because our local newspapers no longer hire full-time dance writers, LA’s dance companies, choreographers and independent dance artists have grown to depend on LADC for coverage of their work. These artists are required to provide reviews and other in order to apply for county, city, state and national grant applications. To continue providing this coverage, we strongly ask that you consider making a tax deductible donation to LADC. Our work is vital to the health of the dance community in Los Angeles, and we are inspired by the creativity, ingenuity and determination of  the artists we serve.

Here’s how to donate:

On every page at LADC there is a DONATE button.  If you click on it you will find instructions on how to make a credit card tax deductible donation directly to our Fiscal Sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

If you wish to write a check, it MUST be made out to Fractured Atlas with “For LA Dance Chronicle” written on the Memo line at the bottom of your check. Checks should be mailed to:

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When you donate online, you will receive an email from Fractured Atlas with proof of your donation. Both online and by mail donations will receive a thank you letter from LADC to include when you next file your tax returns.

From everyone at LA Dance Chronicle, Thank You!

Featured image: (Top Row – Left to Right) Mary Pat Cooney, Martin Holman, Jeff Slayton, Joanne DiVito, Tam Warner. (Bottom Row – Left to Right) Lara J. Altunian, Celine Kiner, Corrina Roche, Ann Haskins. (Not Pictured) Matthew Shaffer, Kim Gadlin, Nancy Dobbs Owen.  To learn about the LADC Staff please visit the About Us Page.