Dance artists Hannah Keene, Leah McCall, and Madeline McMillin are the creative directors of the brand new Los Angeles based dance collective LA Grooves. Founded in November 2020, these three women are hoping to make performance art accessible during this desperate era of Covid. LA Grooves had a highly successful inaugural performance in December with its Nutcracker Sweets and has been preparing for a second performance A Love Letter to LA, premiering this Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 5pm PST.

Due to the pandemic LA Grooves A Love Letter to LA will be performed virtually and features six new and original works by female choreographers filmed from a rooftop against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles. “This concept was developed with the idea that LA is a unique collaborative artistic community. We were so inspired by everyone coming together with their respective talents for our last show and this show is no different. Living in LA is all about collaborating and hustling and we want this show to represent an appreciation for the experience of living here,” the company wrote.

Showcasing a diverse list of dance styles and music selections, the choreographers for A Love Letter to LA include Skyla Schreter, Brittany Rand, Sadie Black, Cara Hansvick, Elise Filo, Leah McCall, and Madeline McMillin.

A Love Letter to LA - Dancer: Sadie Black - Photo courtesy of LA Grooves

A Love Letter to LA – Dancer: Sadie Black – Photo courtesy of LA Grooves

A few interesting details about this show:

Former San Francisco Ballet dancer Skyla Schreter choreographed for dancer Hannah Keene entirely through video calls over the span of about a month. With Covid-19 safety protocols in mind, Madeline McMillin and Leah McCall choreographed for Shelby Whallon and McKenzie Byrne who are also in the same workplace pod. Additionally, Brittany Rand and Hannah Keene are dancing to original music composed specifically for this performance.

A Love Letter to LA premieres on March 13th, 2021 at 5pm PST. All ticket proceeds go directly towards compensating the dancers.

For more information on LA Grooves and to purchase tickets, please visit their website and you can follow the company on Instagram or Facebook @lagrooves

A note from LA Grooves:

We hope to keep the arts alive and accessible during this pandemic and find innovative ways to bring performance to audiences across the country and even across the world! In order to support this endeavor, consider donating to our GoFundMe. Any amount is a meaningful contribution towards the continued growth of LA Grooves.

By Jeff Slayton for LA Dance Chronicle.

Featured image:  A Love Letter to LA – Dancer: Sadie Black – Photo courtesy of LA Grooves