The Bootleg Theater and The Latina Dance Project presents the third alumni concert SMASH CUT – dances for camera directed by Licia Perea, streaming on YouTube June 24th at 7:00 pm (PDT) through June 29th at 10 pm (PDT). SMASH CUT  will feature dance for camera works by artists from the 2020 BlaKTinx Dancing on the Edge Festival Melesio Anthony Aceves, Rosa Rodriguez Frazier, Michelle Funderburk, Keilah Glover, Nancy Rivera Gomez, Irishia Hubbard, Primera Generación, Joshua Estrada Romero, Stacey Strickland Jr., and Rosanna Tavarez.

These 10 artists were provided more time on the program, additional one-on-one mentorship by this year’s distinguished panelists Rhapsody James, Rande Dorn and Ericka Vaughn Byrne, and free workshops in techniques of making dance videos. “The alumni concert draws from previous LA BlakTinx dance makers asking them to dig deeper and take more choreographic risks in this curated virtual concert.” BlakTinx press release.

A smash cut is a technique used in film and other moving picture media where one scene abruptly cuts to another for aesthetic, narrative, or emotional purpose, usually occurring unexpectedly at a critical moment in a scene. For example, to help enhance the impact of the cut, an inequality in the type of scene on either side of the cut is generally used, moving from a fast-paced chaotic scene to a more serene one.

Primera Generación - Photo courtesy of BlakTinx

Primera Generación – Photo courtesy of BlakTinx

The choreographers participating in the third virtual BlakTinx’s concert have used this type of smash cut technique as an inspiration as we transition from the chaos of 2020 into the unknown of 2021!

“We are building on our 2020 mandatory virtual presentations and now embracing this genre, digging deeper into choreographic and technical experimentation.  These ten choreographers bring their individual, dynamic movement style and artistic visions to embody Smash Cut, expressing tenacity, hope, lineage, humor and surprise!”

The Editor for SMASH CUT – dances for camera is Angel Castro, an alumni from BlakTinx Phoenix who has worked to widen his choreographic talents to include dance video, production and design.

Tickets:  Suggested Donation $10

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Written and compiled by Jeff Slayton from a BlakTinx press release.

Featured image: Luchx – Photo by Rosa Rodriquez Frazier