Our mission at L.A. Dance Chronicle is to promote the Art of Dance and to provide artists with critical and supportive reviews needed for promotional materials, grant proposals and fund raising.

In Addition, our writing staff will provide in-depth articles that inform and inspire present and future audiences. We seek to provide a centralized performance calendar and a newsletter for Los Angeles area dance artists to share promotional news throughout California and beyond.

Hello, my name is Jeff Slayton. I am co-founder and staff writer for the L.A. Dance Chronicle. After retiring from a long teaching, performing and choreography career, I wanted to continue contributing to the Los Angeles dance community that has been so supportive of me since I relocated here in 1978. Now in my 70s, and with a gentle push from colleagues, I find myself on this new journey as a writer. The website was my partner’s idea and with the aid of his computer talents, we are proud to present what we hope will be a continuing support for and conversation with the Los Angeles Area dance community.

Taliah is a writer and dancer based in Los Angeles. Traversing LA and San Francisco throughout their childhood, Taliah was trained in classical ballet and modern dance before settling into a love for contemporary at Brenda Way’s ODC. Now, Taliah is most interested in movement that defies genre: experimental, expressive, and transgressive imaginings of physicality. Taliah is excited by the potentials of dance as a means of articulating not-so-easily documented realities and, having a historically dysphoric relationship with their body, is invested in dance as a curative process and sustainable creative practice.

Hi, I’m Roger Martin Holman and I am the developer and administrator of this site.  I have been in the Information Technology field since I was in my late teens.  I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for electron flow since I can remember.

My work experience includes hardware test and troubleshooting, software development, point of sale hardware integration, managing software development teams as well as hardware and software distributor support teams, and web development. I’ve worked with Raytheon, Micom Systems, Contel, Physicians Health Network, Symantec, Allscripts and others.

I was also on the board of Urban Community Outreach and managed their “Drop In Center computer lab” for over nine years (2005 – 2015), supporting homeless computer lab users. In 2003, my son Chris and I worked together to make the computer lab used by the Drop In Center a reality, using donated equipment from fellow members of First Congregational Church in downtown Long Beach.